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Large Jet Head


Designed for offshore gamefish that are attracted to big smoke trails


Voodoo Offshore Jet-Heads are designed for offshore gamefish that are attracted to big smoke trails like marlinwahoo and dolphin. The four jets on our Jet-Heads have external ports which direct the bubble trail out and around the head rather then through the head producing a tremendous “smoke trail”. In clean water, they can be run off the outriggers for explosive surface strikes. Realistic inlaid eyes add to the fish attracting qualities.

The Large Jet-Head is designed for medium to heavy tackle, trolling between 6 and 15 knots. It is regularly trolled with the Triple Skirt8″ skirt or 6″ skirt. As with any of the Voodoo Offshore interchangeable lure system, you can use any of our skirts or feathers with any of our trolling heads.

The large stainless steel Jet-Head comes rigged with our “stealth rigging” for use with natural baits. It is available with an 8″ skirt in one of our color combinations or or alone.

Weight is 5 oz. Size is 1.5″ x 1″.

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Large Jet Head with:

no skirt, blue and white, green and chartreuse, orange and black, purple and black, red and black, light blue and pink


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