Menhaden Milk® for fresh water fishing

Menhaden Milk® was originally designed for saltwater but some intrepid anglers tried it in freshwater with surprising results. Freshwater species loved it too! Catfish, perch, bluegill, pike, walleye, bass all seem to be attracted to the scent of Menhaden Milk®. Professional guides are using Menhaden Milk® as the extra edge to win tournaments and get the fish to bite when others are fishing but not catching. Join the catching group. Try Menhaden Milk® the next time you head out on the lake or river. Be sure to visit our Tips and Tricks page for innovative ways to use Menhaden Milk® and the product page for more detailed information.

Menhaden Milk®

Soak your baits in Menhaden Milk® for a few hours or overnight. Your baits will trail a strong scent that freshwater species love. Use it at any depth where you find fish. It’s unique properties help it stay in the water column where you put it. Unlike oils, Menhaden Milk® won’t float away.

Be sure to check with your local fish and game authorities about using fish attractants in fresh water.

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