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Six Inch Skirts


Bright vinyl colors and a layer of reflective mylar make up our 6″ skirt.


Different species of fish are attracted to different color trolling skirts in different regions of the world. In the Northeast, green, rainbow, blue & white, pink & white and purple & black are popular. Further south in the Carolinas and Northern Florida, green & chartreuse, orange & black and color combinations with white work very well. In South Florida and the Bahamas, pink and blue with white, green & chartreuse and red & black are the colors that “match the hatch”. On the gulf coast, pink & orange, green & chartreuse, blue & white and red & black are favorites.

Different species seem to be attracted to different colors. Wahoo tend to strike longer skirts in darker combinations such as black over rainbow, black & orange, purple & black and red & black. Dolphin go for lighter colors like green, green & chartreuse, and combinations of white with pink or blue. Sailfish and marlin seem to like longer skirts in combinations of greens, whites, pinks and blues. Tuna prefer shorter skirts with darker colors in the morning and late afternoons and brighter colors around the mid-day.

With the Voodoo Offshore interchangeable lure system, you more quickly respond to the fish’s preference than with traditional trolling lures. One thread size for all the heads and skirts gives you nearly unlimited combinations. Once you have the heads, you can inexpensively build a large selection of lures. Just 4 lure heads and a dozen skirts creates 48 different combinations so try different combinations at different times of day in your waters.

Bright vinyl colors and a layer of reflective prism mylar make up the Voodoo Offshore 6″ trolling skirts. Designed for almost all of our lures, these skirts are ideal for medium and light tackle trolling with our Big Mouth, Fat Boy and Nylatron plastic heads. They are equally effective with our Tuna Dolls and smaller Jet Heads.

Due to variations in materials, skirts may not look exactly as shown.

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