Inshore Fishing Products

Voodoo Offshore developed products to help you catch more Redfish, Sea Trout, Flounder, Snook, Bluefish, even Shrimp and Crabs. Menhaden Milk® is used in so many ways including as an essential ingredient in the Tournament Master® Chum, America’s best selling. Voodoo Oil is a high grade menhaden product used in more traditional chumming. Be sure to visit our Tips and Tricks page to see unique ways to use these products.

Menhaden Milk®

Soak your natural bait in Menhaden Milk® for a few hours or overnight. Use it with your Sabiki rigs to catch bait faster. Soak macaroni in Menhaden Milk® and toss it around the mouth of an outlet. There are so many way it can be used. See our videos in Tips and Tricks.

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Tournament Master® Chum

This is America’s best selling chum and for good reason; it’s super effective! Made from the finest ingredients and give an additional boost with Menhaden Milk®, this may be the best chum ever produced. It’s available in 5 sizes.

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Voodoo Oil

Voodoo Oil is more for traditional chumming and making your own chum preparations. As an oil, it is lighter than water and tends to float toward the surface. Voodoo Oil is made with the same high quality standards as our Menhaden Milk® and Tournament Master® Chum so you can count on a top quality product.

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The Voodoo Offshore Drip Container

Getting Menhaden Milk® and Voodoo Oil over the side in a clean and measured way while fishing can be challenge unless you have the Voodoo Offshore Drip Container. This 2 quart dispenser has a weighted 7 foot hose with a flow regulator to get just the right amount of Menhaden Milk® or Voodoo Oil over the side where you need it.

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