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Just locating grouper, cobia, snapper, sharks and other reef and bottom fish can be a challenge. Getting them to bite even more challenging. Why not give yourself a leg up with these innovative fish attractants from Voodoo Offshore? Menhaden Milk® was created specifically to be a super effective fish attractant and it was better than anyone expected. Tournament Master® Chum combines highest quality menhaden chum blended with Menhaden Milk® to possibly be the most effective chum on the water. Voodoo Oil is a more traditional product for use where oils are needed. Be sure to visit our Tips and Tricks page to see innovative ways to use these products.

Menhaden Milk®

Soak your baits in Menhaden Milk® for a few hours or overnight. Your baits will trail a strong fish attractant that will bring the big ones in. Use it with your Sabiki rigs to catch your bait faster too.

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Tournament Master® Chum

Tournment Master® Chum is the best selling chum in the US. The reason why? It’s super effective. The combination of best quality menhaden and Menhaden Milk® is unrivaled.

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Voodoo Oil

Voodoo Oil is for more traditional applications where you want the oil to float at the surface or you want the option to combine a highly attractive, more bouyant scent into your own chumming mix.

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