Offshore Fishing

Catch more tuna, mahi, sailfish, marlin, kingfish and wahoo with high quality, American made Voodoo Offshore products.

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Inshore Fishing

Menhaden Milk® is an amazing product. Use it to increase your catch of sea trout, red fish, snapper, flounder even shrimp.

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Bottom and Reef Fishing

Make your bottom and reef fishing more productive with Tournament Master® Chum, Menhaden Milk® and Voodoo Oil.

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Fresh Water Fishing

Catfish, walleye, crappie, pike, muskies, blue gill and bass all love Menhaden Milk®. Add it to your fishing arsenal to get more fish on your hook all year long.

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Voodoo Offshore Products

Pick a product. Go fishing.

A Little Voodoo Offshore History

It started with a question while trolling in 2001...

… how could we quickly change skirts without wrecking our baits or needing to re-rig? That’s how it all began. We found that with a little ingenunity, we could solve some typical fishing problems. If a product could help us have more fun on the water and catch a few more fish, we were in. With that in mind, we started Voodoo Offshore to make a decent product at a decent price and make fishing more enjoyable. The Voodoo Offshore interchangeable lure system, Tournament Master® chum, Menhaden Milk® and our superior menhaden oil are some of our products. Our philosophy seems to have caught on. From the weekend fisherman to hard-core professionals, more and more people try our products every day.