Offshore Fishing Products

Voodoo Offshore creates products to increase your catch of tuna, dolphin, wahoo, marlin, kingfish and sailfish. Menhaden Milk® makes your natural baits more attractive to fish. The interchangeable lure system of heads, skirts and feathers, lets you switch colors and type of skirts quickly and easily without ruining your baits. Be sure to check out our Tips and Tricks section to see how the lures work, innovative ways to rig them and use the Menhaden Milk®.

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Menhaden Milk®

Soak your natural baits in Menhaden Milk® for a few hours to overnight. They will trail a strong attractant that fish love. Use Menhaden Milk® with your Sabiki rigs and watch how fast you catch bait. Inshore and offshore, Menhaden Milk® turns fishing into catching.

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Voodoo Offshore Stainless Steel Heads

From the small Tuna Dolls to the massive Giant Squid heads, you have the most effective and efficient trolling lure system on the water. Voodoo Offshore stainless heads are interchangeable with all the Voodoo Offshore skirts and feathers. 

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Voodoo Offshore Acrylic Heads

These solid acrylic heads are interchangeable with all our skirts and feathers. From the chunky Fat Boy through to the sleek Tuna Doll, you have dozens of combinations to create the perfect lure for your conditions and your target species.

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Voodoo Offshore Nylatron Head

The Nylatron is perfect for mid to light tackle working especially well for sailfish, tuna and dolphin. Because it’s part of the Voodoo Offshore Interchangeable Lure System, any skirt or feather can be used to match your conditions and time of day.

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Voodoo Offshore 6" Skirts

With our variety of colors, you have the patterns you need to maximize offshore trolling. These 6″ long skirts are made from strong, color-fast plastic and every Voodoo Offshore skirt is interchangeable with all our heads.

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Voodoo Offshore 8" Skirts

These 8″ long skirts are made from strong, color-fast plastic. Choose from 6 different color patterns to appeal to a wide variety of pelagic species. Every Voodoo Offshore skirt is interchangeable with every one of our trolling heads for the ultimate in fishability.

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Triple Skirts

The triple skirts are made from multiple layers of color fast plastic for a “fuller” look in the water. At roughly 13″ long these skirts are perfect for the larger heads or when you want a larger looking bait. And like all the Voodoo Offshore skirts, they fit all of our heads.

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Voodoo Offshore Feathers

Feathers are especially popular with tuna but dolphin and other species like them too. They come in a variety of colors and are made from natural feathers died to create the bright colors.

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