Tips, Tricks and Cool Voodoo Offshore Product Info

After years of fishing and developing the Voodoo Offshore product line, Kevin Deane has learned a few innovative ways to use the products to catch more fish offshore, inshore, on the bottom and in freshwater. Here he shares some of his tips and tricks to help you do the same.

And watch here for species specific techniques for Kings, Cobia, Shark, bottom fish, Redfish, Trout, Catfish, Walleye and even crabbing and shrimping.

Using Tournament Master® Chum

Inshore and Bottom Fishing

Tournament Master® Chum

See how Tournament Master® Chum can help you catch more fish. And learn about how it’s made and why it’s such a premium product.

Using Menhaden Milk®

Freshwater fishing for Catfish

Menhaden Milk® in Freshwater

Captain Mark Lawson shows how he uses Menhaden Milk® when fishing for monster catfish in rivers and lakes.

Using Menhaden Milk®

Great ways to use Menhaden Milk® both inshore and for bottom fishing.

Tips for inshore and bottom fishing with Menhaden Milk®

Kevin Deane shows simple tips on how to use Menhaden Milk® to get more fish around your boat.

Voodoo Offshore Interchangeable Lure System

The magic of the Interchangeable Lure System

Interchangeable Lures

Kevin Deane, the inventor of the Voodoo Offshore Interchangeable Lure System demonstrates how easy it is to swap color and length of your skirts and get your lures back in the water where they belong.

Rigging Tips

Learn how to make the very effective Stealth Rig for your offshore trolling.

The Voodoo Offshore Stealth Rig

Kevin Deane, the inventor of the Voodoo Offshore Interchangeable Lure System shows you how to rig the Stealth Rig for your lures. This rig is super effective and really helps prevent losing the fish. You can purchase lures with or without this rig.

Rigging Tips

See what you should be going offshore with to keep your Stealth Rigs intact.

The Boat Kit

You don’t need a big tackle kit going offshore if you’re using the Voodoo Offshore Interchangeable Lure System but there are a few pieces you might want to have along. Kevin Deane shows off his “boat kit” of parts that he takes offshore to repair or rerig his Stealth Rigs.