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Eye Kit


Change the color or replace the eyes on your lures.


The Eye Kit from Voodoo Offshore lets you change the color or replace the eyes on the lures. With lots of use, the eyes can get damaged and need to be replaced. Or maybe you want to try a pearlescent eye instead of the red or gold reflective eyes. Changing the eye color is another way the Voodoo Offshore Interchangeable Lure system is more changeable!

The Eye Kit comes with 6 of each kind of eye. You get the large pearlescent and red reflective eyes for the larger heads. You also get the smaller pearlescent, red reflective and gold reflective for the smaller heads.  A total of 30 eyes in all. Simply use a pick to remove the old eye on the lure, clean and dry the eye depression then remove the new eye from the backing, center it in the depression and press. That’s all there is to it.


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