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Wahoo Express


A deep tracking, bubble producing wahoo killer.


The Wahoo Express has a concave face, realistic inlaid eyes and 4 jets with two cavitation plates that produce a bubble trail no self-respecting wahoo can resist.  The Wahoo Express is designed for trolling at speeds between 5 – 15 knots.  The deeper tracking of this 6 ounce lure makes it a perfect all tackle wahoo killer.

Wahoo prefer darker skirted trolling lures. Many anglers troll red & black or purple & black skirts in their spreads. Here’s a tip- troll your Wahoo Express deeper off a planer or down rigger with a brighter color skirt.

The Wahoo Express is best trolled with either our Triple Skirt or 8″ skirt, but can be used with any of our skirts or feathers. The Wahoo Express comes with an 8″ skirt in one of our color combinations or alone. And you can always order additional skirts. The Wahoo Express can be trolled with or without bait and comes pre-rigged with our exclusive “stealth rigging”.

Weight is 6oz. Size is 1.675″ x 1″.

Additional information

Weight N/A
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Wahoo Express with:

no skirt, blue and white, green and chartreuse, orange and black, purple and black, red and black, light blue and pink


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