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Menhaden Milk


A revolutionary fish attractant both inshore and offshore.


Voodoo Offshore Menhaden Milk® is a revolutionary product designed to attract fish both inshore and offshore. The unique feature of Menhaden Milk® is its ability to mix throughout the water column instead of floating on the surface. Menhaden Milk® keeps your chum slick at whatever depth you release it allowing you to bring fish to your boat at any depth. And it works in both fresh and salt water!

Fish olfactory senses respond especially well to Menhaden Milk®. It’s great for chumming up baitfish. Soak your sabiki rigs in it when bait is tough to find. Inshore, Menhaden Milk® is great for troutflounderredfish and tarpon and works well for snappergrouper, yellowtail, shark and flounder when bottom fishing. Drop your container of Menhaden Milk® to the bottom and let it sit for 15 – 20 minutes. Unlike oils, Menhaden Milk® disperses along the bottom instead of floating away. Offshore, Menhaden Milk® is great for sailfish, cobia and kingfish. Soak your trolling baits in it for more attraction effectiveness.

Soak your fresh water baits in Menhaden Milk® to drive catfish, walleye, perch, bass, trout, and other freshwater species crazy.

Voodoo Offshore Menhaden Milk® is sold in a concentrate that must be diluted with water prior to use. One gallon of concentrate makes up to four gallons of useable product, making Menhaden Milk® available at about half the cost of traditional menhaden oils.

See our Tips and Tricks section for great techniques for using Menhaden Milk in both fresh and salt water.

Menhaden Milk® is available in gallons and quarts. It’s also a key ingredient in Tournament Master® 100% Menhaden frozen chum.

For the more traditional chumming, Voodoo Offshore manufactures a pure, cold pressed “Tournament Grade” oil called Voodoo Oil.

Be sure to check with your local fish and game authorities about any rules for using fish attractants in fresh water.

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