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Stainless Steel Tuna Dolls


Tuna Dolls not only work great for tuna, but for dolphin too.


The Voodoo Offshore Tuna Dolls not only work great for tuna, but for dolphin too. We manufacture 2 versions of our Tuna Doll, designed for different trolling conditions. The cast acrylic head is designed for calmer days when you want a skipping bait. The stainless steel head trolls a little deeper. Both can be trolled between 5 – 8 knots and work equally well.

Tuna tend to strike darker color lures as the sun rises and as the sun starts to set. During mid-day when it’s brighter, lighter color lures become the better producers. There’s the beauty of the VooDoo Offshore interchangeable lure system; pull your lure to the boat, switch to another skirt color and you’re back trolling in seconds. We have found tuna seem to like black, blue & white, red & white and also green color combinations. If the wind picks up and the water gets a little choppy, tuna feathers may become ineffective. Reel up and change to a 6″ skirt.

 Tuna Dolls come with a feather in one of our color combinations or can be purchased alone. They have inlaid realistic eyes and come pre-rigged with our exclusive “stealth rigging.” Order a variety of skirts and feathers to do targeted trolling all day long.

Weight is 2 oz. Size is 1.5″ long x .75″.

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Tuna Doll with:

head only, red and black, purple and black, orange and black, green and chartreuse, blue and white, pink and blue, pink and white


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